DeepFlux Campaign Optimizer

Drive the maximum ROI by optimizing your marketing efforts in real time, across all the digital platforms.

FlagShip Features

Centralized Marketing Dashboard

A central place for all your KPIs across various Advertising Platforms for all campaign categories.

Real-Time Optimizer

Detailed actionable insights to achieve your KPIs better for all Advertising Platforms in real time, backed by Machine Learning and Data Science.

Simulation and Forecasting

A simulated snapshot of the performance of the particular campaign or category within the chosen parameters.

Experimental Intelligence

Detailed lift comparison depiction based on the performed experiment in accordance with the optimizer suggestions.

Detailed and Customized Reporting

Get the Detailed report for all business KPIs or Campaign Categories, customized as per your needs.

Anomaly Detection

Capable of detecting the campaigns or a segment influencing your KPIs out of the normal KPI behavior pattern, negatively as well as positively.

Media Planning

Plan efficient campaigns for Biddable Media as well as Direct Buys focused on achieving goals as per your KPIs.

Platform Compatibility

Why us?

7 Days Integration

We provide the fastest integration methodology and least involvement from the client side in technical procedures while integrating.

Interpretable ML Model

Our System puts ahead the logical transparency when it comes to actionable insights across various segments, enabling the marketer to understand the optimization approach and scope of innovation as well.

Dedicated Account Manager

To enhance the client’s marketing efforts at various levels, we also assign a dedicated marketer focused on driving the strategy and optimization at a more smoother and efficient level.

Compatibility to all Digital Advertising Platforms

To provide smooth marketing experience, we have built DeepFlux compatible to all sorts Advertising Platforms and henceforth providing a centralized marketing dashboard.

30 - Days Trial Period

To understand the marketing objectives of the clients better and further proving the products capability to optimize marketing efforts and generate maximum ROIs, we provide 30 days free trial.


Customized ML to nuances of your industry

We tailor make the features and do custom categorization suiting your Business Model and the nuances of Industry Type.